Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! Basically, Meanchey Center is one of other blogs in the internet for supporting learning and sharing concept to all learners for more research on Business, English, and ICT for the 21st center education.

Could you register into the site to be an author?
Of course, all of users can register to the site in order to post or share their knowledge.
Where to register?
Just visit our website by typing www.meanchey.org and then click on Join Us, select Register and then fill the required information and click on register button or you can register by using your facebook or twiter account.
How can your posting will be appeared
Honestly your posting will be shown after posting review has been accepted by our admin panel.
Can you change your profile?
Yes, all users will have an option to change profile regarding to their favorite
In the single post, is possible change layout?
Yes, of course, you can change layout and your posting will contain some favorite media such photos videos and so on.
Is there any business which I can earn from this website?
Yes, of course! our services are providing  users’ solutions for their business. We are happy to provide:

  • The remote technical support in technology ,
  • eBooks request, advertise with us for less expense a month,
  • Content management and content writing,
  • Website development and consultant,
  • Project proposal writing and so on.
Will you posting will be deleted or removed?
As the matter of fact, your posting will be kept unless it is not compliance to our policy.